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You can hear music from each CD by clicking on the titles below:

Major Releases: CD, TAPE, and LP

2015: Swamp Of Dreams CD
2014: Regenerator 3017 CD
2013: The Trip CD
2010: The Heavy Soul Sessions CD
2005: Recollection Harvest CD
2004: Live At NEARfest 2001 CD
2003: A Night For Baku CD
2001: Ascension CD
2001: New Dark Age CD
1999: Live At Orion CD
1998: Still No Commercial Potential CD
1997: The Devouring CD
1994: Collaborator CD
1991: Suspension & Displacement CD, TAPE
1991: Burning The Hard City CD, TAPE
1989: Reflections From The Firepool CD, TAPE, LP
1987: The Ritual Continues CD, TAPE, LP
1985/2004: No Commercial Potential...And Still Getting The Ladies CD, TAPE

Minor Releases: Compilations & EP's on CD, CDR, and TAPE

2012: Spring Attack - Lizard Magazyn
2011: Progressive Journey II
2011: Strength -a Japan tsunami fundraiser CD
2009: 25th Aniversary Beginner's Guide CDR
2006: iO Pages CD
2006: After The Storm - Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser CD
2005: Kinections: The ProgDay CD
2004: Got Prog?
2002: Beginners' Guide, Volume I CDR
2002: Beginners' Guide, Volume II CDR
2002: ProgWest 2001 CDR
2001: Afghan CDR
2001: Number 2 CDR
2001: Number 1 CDR
2001: Flourescent Tunnelvision CD
2001: Unsettled Scores CD
1995: Cosmic Mysteries
1995: Future Music
1990: Past, Present, Future LP
1990: Dali: The Endless Enigma CD
1989: Right Nex Door TAPE
1989: Auricle Sampler TAPE
1988: Auricle Sampler TAPE
1988: Kafka's Breakfast TAPE


2007: Black Dahlia Movie DVD
1982: Happy Cancer: McMusic For The McMasses TAPE