Herd Of Instinct: Hallow

Released 2018 | Firepool Records | FR010

1. Manifestation Pt. 2 (Hallow Mix) (9:15)
2. Ravenwood (Hallow Mix) (10:46)
3. Slow Current (Hallow Mix) (11:05)
4. The Secret of Fire (Hallow Mix) (13:59)
5. Torture Garden (Hallow Mix) (7:52)

The mixes were constructed using only sounds that were recorded on the original versions:
Slow Current (Drone Priest, 2017)
Manifestation Pt.2 (Manifestation, 2016)
The Secret of Fire & Ravenwood (Conjure, 2013)
Torture Garden (unreleased new composition)

Produced and Artwork by Mark Cook

Hallow is a new remix album by Herd Of Instinct.

The idea for Hallow came into being when Mark Cook's band Herd of Instinct was playing a show in Austin, Texas. They were speaking with their friend, Tam Laird (host of the radio show Fade to Yellow), about performing on his show. And this led to some discussions with Tam, that became the catalyst for creating a new soundscape album. Mark decided it would be an interesting approach to go back through HOI's catalog, selecting specific tracks to transform into completely new pieces of electronic music. Through this process of alteration and rearrangement, Hallow was born. It is a radical re-imaging of the original versions, without recording any additional instruments or sounds. Mark looked to film for inspiration, creating the defining sound of Hallow. Jess Franco's notorious use of soft focus and David Lynch's stark black and white masterpiece, Eraserhead, were major influences on creating the haunting moods of Hallow. Another approach was to imagine how Sunn O))) would have remixed Herd of Instinct. Scott Walker's collaboration with Sunn O))), "Soused", was also an important reference point. And Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" and Arvo Part's "Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten" are two pieces that played a crucial roll in Mark's overall approach of constructing this new music.

Come hear for yourself the new ambient sounds of Hallow!