Herd Of Instinct: Incantation

Released 2019 | Firepool Records | FR011

1. Sun Gun (5:47)
2. Incantation One (6:38)
3. Coin Locker Babies (4:30)
4. Prey 4 Winter (5:51)
5. Myth And Ritual (2:51)
6. Abaddon (4:33)
7. Pavement Grey (6:16)
8. Temples (4:24)
9. Incantation Two (5:35)
10. Torture Garden (3:38)

Produced and Artwork by Mark Cook

Herd of Instinct's fifth album, Incantation, is the band's most dynamic and radical release yet. The music explores the band's progressive rock vocabulary mixed with excursions into densely layered post-rock compositions and hybrid orchestral styles.

Incantation moves through pieces that fit neatly with the band's previous work. The band also travels into new areas that take their music into new directions. It's this "otherness" that makes this collection such a unique and challenging album.

The minimal orchestral piece Myth and Ritual is a homage to avant-auteur Scott Walker, written a short time after his death, that references his stark and brutal compositional style. The two-part title track is a trip into avant-prog featuring a superstar list of players who help produce one of HOI's most adventurous pieces. This is also the first album that features vocals since their self-titled debut release, back in 2011.

The music was recorded between 2018-2019 in Arlington, TX, Topanga, CA, New York, NY, and the UK.

Founding member, Mark Cook, says the goal of the band is to keep creating interesting music with no limitations on the direction. As time marches on, HOI continues to evolve and move forward.