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Excerpt 1: Transformation
Excerpt 2: Room Without Shadows
Excerpt 3: Road To Asheville
Excerpt 4: Vibrissa
Excerpt 5: S.Karma
Excerpt 6: The Face Of Another


Published by Djam Karetís new indie label Firepool Records, HERD OF INSTINCTís debut CD was four years in the making. Created in hot pursuit of the darkened, serpentine corridors of contemporary instrumental Progressive Rock music, this self-titled release is truly for fans of King Crimson, Steve Tibbetts, Djam Karet and big picture music.

Following the 2007 demise of their previous band 99 NAMES OF GOD (having spent the previous 10 years as Art Rock anomalies in the Texas music scene) drummer Jason Spradlin and WARR guitarist Mark Cook decided to create a new group. They acquired guitarist and fellow Texan Mike Davison, whose chameleon like approach with NERVEWERKS, added great depth to their musical vision. With their new metamorphosis now complete, the band went into seclusion and began writing all new material, emerging only rarely for a few choice live shows.

Pushing the limits of their own creativity, HERD OF INSTINCT draws from a vast source of influences: multi-cultural music, literary clues, Horror and cinematic film scores, and obscure elements of Rock, Avant-garde, Electronic, Prog, and Psychedelic music. Recording sessions took place in Texas, North Carolina, and various global locations, from 2007-2010. As a live unit, HERD OF INSTINCT performs as a trio, but during this recording process, the band decided to expand into a large-scale entity featuring many guest musicians including Dave Streett, whose secret treaties with such luminaries as Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, XTC), Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), and Markus Reuter (Tuner) helped bring these all-star musicians into the HERD.

The results are very provocative as evidenced by such songs as "Room Without Shadows," the lysergic "Road To Asheville," the schizoid-frenzy of "Anamnesis," the pagan majesty of "Hex," and the beautiful "Blood Sky" (the albums' lone vocal piece, courtesy of Kris Swenson). With looping samples provided by Steve Tibbetts, impeccable production, deep compositions, and impressive performances by all of the musicians involved, HERD OF INSTINCT is a well-crafted, landmark debut album.

HERD OF INSTINCT release date: May 17th 2011
Published by Firepool Records.
Featuring 10 tracks, digitally recorded. Total time: 46:15

Visit the band's website here.

GUITAR PLAYER (USA): "Warr Guitarist Mark Cook, guitarist and guitar synthesist Mike Davison and drummer Jason Spradlin - joined by a bevy of talented guests including drummers Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), and Touch-guitarist Markus Reuter - serve up a heady melange of avant-prog spiced with dashes of ambient, symphonic, metallic, and world musics, and topped with a dollop of pop."

PROG SPHERE (USA): "Herd of Instinct is one of those rare debut albums that are practically perfect in every respect, and need no suggestions for further improvement. An absolute must for fans of King Crimson, it will delight devotees of complex, hard-edged yet atmospheric prog, and those who are somewhat weary of technically competent bands that are sorely lacking in the originality department. A serious contender for best release of 2011."

SEA OF TRANQUILITY (UK): "Intriguing and interesting are words that quickly spring to mind when listening to "Herd of Instinct's" eponymous album that has been four years in the making. The album features diversity in its compositional approach which is always a good sign, making it an album that you would re listen to on a regular basis. The album takes a King Crimson / Gordian Knot approach, being laced and layered with stunning guitar passages, copious amounts of warr guitar, a very provocative album. The whole soundstage is stunning as are the striking visual graphics. A real winner all round really."

SOUND ON SOUND (UK): "This Texan group defy classification very well, blending more melodic moments of industrial metal with forbidding electro-acoustic compositions. It's definitely progressive music, with plenty of layered guitar arpeggios in places, but there are also flutes and all manner of other instruments in the mix."

HERD OF INSTINCT band members' BIO:

Jason Spradlin was born in Dallas, Texas in 1968 and currently resides in nearby Arlington. His interest in drums, rhythm, and sound began at an early age. The first love was Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, in particular the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. This led to the formation of LAST CHAPTER, whose debut CD "The Living Waters" has achieved cult status in the Doom Metal community. Jason was the drummer, and a chief songwriter for LAST CHAPTER from 1989-1998. During his last few years with that band, he developed a passion for Progressive Rock, and subsequently: Blues, Jazz, 60's R&B and Psych. Jason's friendship with John Perez, guitarist for Doom Metal's SOLITUDE AETURNUS led to another formation: THE LIQUID SOUND COMPANY. Their 1996 debut album "Exploring The Psychedelic," is an homage to 60's Psychedelia, and to a lesser degree early 70's Krautrock. Their follow up album, 2002's "Inside The Acid Temple" took their experiments even further. In 2000, a chance meeting in a record store brought Jason into contact with WARR guitarist Mark Cook. A mutual interest in music was revealed. Mark's avant-garde leanings intrigued Jason. By 2001, he and Mark, along with vocalist Kris Swenson joined forces to create 99 NAMES OF GOD. They released the CD "Interwoven" in 2003. By the time of their 2007 E.P. "Potala," 99 NAMES OF GOD was laid to rest. By now kindred spirits, Jason and Mark formed HERD OF INSTINCT with their friend and colleague Mike Davison. During the tenure with 99 NAMES, and HERD OF INSTINCT, many live shows were performed, and a variety of side projects were recorded. HERD OF INSTINCT have now released their 2011 debut CD. It is self-titled, and features a host of guest musicians. To round off 2011, Jason and Mark Cook joined with John Perez for the 3rd installment of THE LIQUID SOUND COMPANY. The new L.S.C. album is called "Acid Music For Acid People," and is a psilocybin blast into hyper-space. Expect both bands to perform live shows at a venue near you.


Herd of Instinct
self-titled (2011)

Liquid Sound Company
"Exploring The Psychedelic" (1996)
"Inside The Acid Temple" (2002)
"Acid Music For Acid People" (2011)

Last Chapter:
"The Living Waters" (1998)
"Overload 2: Tribute To METALLICA" various artists (2002)

99 Names of God:
"Interwoven" (2003)
"Potala" E.P. (2007)

self-titled (2006)

Jason Spradlin & Wounded Infidel
Soundtrack: "Marriage-A Modern Perspective" (2005)

Oil On Canvas:
"Several Famous Orchestras Volume 1" compilation (2003)
"Spoke of Shadows" Red Moon Records (2005)

"This Movement We Heat" Red Moon Records (2005)
"Strajecca" Gutterth Records (2008)

"Rise" (2007)

Mike Davison, born in Dallas TX in 1971 started on his dad's acoustic guitar at the age of 13. By the time he was in high school, electric guitar in hand, he was learning all the Zeppelin, Sabbath, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, etc. he could soak up. After high school, Mike was introduced to King Crimson, early Genesis, Miles Davis and other greats. Introducing guitar synth into the mix, and playing with bands and musicians of all sorts over the years, Mike continues to enjoy learning the art of music.


Terra Firma
Tektonic Resonance (1996)

Delicate Motion (2002)

John Inman
Skies Wide Open (2002)

Amy Jo
Some What in Love (2003)

David Guinn
Lonely World (2003)

Dawsons New Rage
When The Bell Rings (2006)

Mark Cook is a Texas based Warr guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, and has been a member of the electronic experimenters 99 Names of God, the 70's progressive rock band Hands, the noise improv unit Malise, and the psychedelic Liquid Sound Company despite being a recluse.


Herd of Instinct
self-titled (2011)

Liquid Sound Company:
"Acid Music for Acid People" (2011)

99 Names of God:
"Tappistry v.2" Chapman Stick compilation (1999)
"eXcursions" Red Moon Records (2000)
"Confessions of Young Moderns" (Bill Nelson Tribute Compilation) (2000)
"Interwoven" Red Moon Records (2003)
"Putty in Their Hands" (remix for Triprocket by 99names) (2003)
"Potala EP" (2007)

Oil On Canvas:
"Several Famous Orchestras Volume 1" Compilation (2003)
"Spoke of Shadows" Red Moon Records (2005)

"This Movement We Heat" Red Moon Records (2005)
"Strajecca" Gutterth Records (2008)

self-titled (2006)

"Strangelet" (2008)

Dirty Water Disease
"The Sheltering Sky" Gutterth Records (2008)

Mark Cook:
"Tappistry v.1" - Chapman Stick compilation (1995)
"State of the Union 2.001" - compilation cd produced by Elliott Sharp (2001)