Kafka's Breakfast

Released March 1, 2017 | Auricle | AMCDR 245

1. More Fact Than Figure (4.33)
2. A Way Of Life (4.45)
3. Tangerine Rabbit Jam (4.12)
4. Night Scenes (5.43)
5. Walkabout (24.29)

Tracks 1-4 dates from two proto Djam Karet incarnations, when they went under the names Kafka's Breakfast and Happy Cancer. These 4 tracks originally appeared on a cassette as the A side of Happy Cancer's McMusic For The McMasses (HC001) from 1982. Recorded by Rick Cucuzza (1982).

5: A live improvisational 8-track recording (no overdubs!) left over from The Ritual Continues sessions, circa early 1987. Mixed down in September 1988 by Rychard Cox and Djam Karet for this release.

Remastered in 2016