No Commerical Potential: Rock Improvisations from 1985-2002

Released 2004 | HC Productions | HC013

Disc One: No Commercial Potential
1. Where's L. Ron??!! (16.52)
2. Dwarf Toss (11.16)
3. Blue Fred (29.42)

Disc Two: ...And Still Getting The Ladies
1. The Building (20.03)
2. The Door (7.56)
3. The Window (27.22)

Disc One: No Commercial Potential original cassette only release. Recorded at Parsch Place Studio direct to 8 track in April 1985. Digitally transferred Spring 2004.
Disc Two: Spontaneously composed improvisations recorded direct to CD during the A Night For Baku sessions. Recorded in Room 213, The Vault 2002. Digitally transferred Spring 2004.

All Music Created, Performed and Produced by Djam Karet.