Released 2002 | HC Productions | DKCD-002

1. Swamp Of Dreams (6.16)
2. "Who Should Know Better Than Houston?" (3.40)
3. As The River Of Time Flows Past Us (5.00)
4. The Sky Opens Twice (7.54)
5. "I Just Press My Little Button..." (.54)

Number 2 contains three previously unreleased tracks taped during a live performance at KCRW-FM Studios in Santa Monica, California on July 1, 1989...This CD is a 24-channel mix recorded directly to 2-track analog tape... The recordings were then transferred to a digital hard drive and re-equalized...in April of 2002. No parts were overdubbed, manipulated or added to this recording and no animals were harmed in the process.....Enjoy.

Art layout by Bob Rosenthal.