The Crows Of Dust Fall At Night Download

Released 2019 | HC Productions | HC019C

1. Beyond The Frontier: Layer Two (5.43)
2. Long Ride To Eden: Layer Two (5.52)
3. West Coast: Layer Two (5.53)
4. A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof: Layer Two (10.39)
5. Dust In The Sun: Layer Two (2.57)
6. On The Third Day Arrived The Crow: Layer Two (3.42)
7. Specter Of Twilight: Layer Two (3.19)
8. Night Falls: Layer Two (4.53)

All music composed by Djam Karet
Produced, mixed and mastered by Gayle Ellett
Recorded at Foggy Mountain Studios in Topanga and White Arrow Studios in Claremont, California
Art design by Mike Ostrich
Drum tech: Sebastian Harris