January 9, 2018

New to the DK Store is a very limited 60 piece CDR release via Ultima Thule in the UK. The Freeman Brothers who run UT have been huge supporters of Djam Karet from the very beginning and deserve a lot of credit for keeping progressive music alive in the dark ages of the 80's and 90's. Kafka'a Breakfast updates the out of print cassette tape version with this limited CDR and has also been remastered. The 4 studio songs pre date Djam Karet, but there is a lot of DK in them. The live improvisation is from The Ritual Continues Sessions and is glorious if your head enjoys our expansive rock improvisation works. We have but a handful...

What is in store for 2018? Music, definitely music. Shortly there should be something from The Hillmen which continues their journeys into long term rock improvisation. Next up is The Heavy Soul Sessions 2 from Djam Karet which finalizes those all important live in the studio recording sessions from 2010. There will be a barrage of solo projects from Chuck Oken, Jr (with Gayle Ellett and Mike Henderson) over the summer as well as a studio release from bassist Aaron Kenyon and his long term recording partner Joel Connell. End of the Year or First Quarter 2019 should see a brand new Djam Karet studio release if the world does not implode or explode.

Can't end this without thanking all of you for your support over the years and especially with Sonic Celluloid in 2017. The release was very well received and it sold well in times that are a changing for all musicians. Thank you!

November 6, 2017

Arriving in the DK Store this week are 2 New Releases on Firepool Records:
Herd of Instinct "Drone Priest" and Spoke of Shadows "II"

Giving musical life once again in the Physical Form of State Of The Art Compact Discs, These Instrumental Progressive Rock Releases are written and played by real people in an ever narrowing age of musical conformity. And you fit exactly where sir in The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging? Please file here under Respect For The Past yet Ahead Of The Game.

BOTH of these releases are ON SALE for $9.99. Enjoy!

September 16, 2017

Coming In October:

Herd of Instinct: Drone Priest (#FP007)
For over a decade, Herd of Instinct - that Little Ole Obscure Prog Band from Texas - has quietly created a body of work that reflects the wild diversity that is Prog Rock. Their newly released fourth album, Drone Priest, on Djam Karet's Firepool Records, takes the listener on a journey exploring mood, texture, and experimental song structures. The most dynamic and varied album the band has produced to-date, Drone Priest seamlessly layers elements of prog, post rock, ambient drones, jazz, and complex percussion, while showcasing Warr guitar and synths to create a unique blend of genres. Composed by Mark Cook (Spoke of Shadows, Hands, Liquid Sound Company), Drone Priest features guests Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson), Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet), Marco Machera (EchoTest), and Bill Bachman (Spoke of Shadows, Michael Harris, Neil Morse).

Spoke of Shadows: II (#FP008)
Spoke of Shadows is progressive rock for the 21st Century. Inspired, melodic and meticulously constructed, the duo visits mysterious mindscapes while displaying musicianship of the highest caliber. Now, Texas's own prog rock darling, Spoke of Shadows has finally returned with a sequel, Spoke of Shadows II, released by Djam Karet's Firepool Records. Spoke of Shadows is Mark Cook (Herd of Instinct, Hands, Liquid Sound Company) on Warr guitar, fretless bass, guitar, and keyboards, and Bill Bachman on drums & percussion (Neal Morse, Michael Harris and world renowned drum author/educator).

March 5, 2017

We have added a link to the DK Echoes Broadcast for all of those who would like to hear the show. It can be found below in the 2/21 news. We have also added some excerpts from reviews for Sonic Celluloid and those can be found here.

Ultima Thule in the UK is doing a limited CDR release of the long out of print Djam Karet Kafka's Breakfast cassette tape. All of the music has been carefully transferred by the Freeman Brothers to the digital realm and re-equalized by Gayle Ellett. This collection consists of four studio songs from the pre Djam Karet era of Happy Cancer - gloriously inspired prog with strong ties to Gong, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Soft Machine. The 5th song is an almost 30 minute improvisation from The Riutal Continues sessions and is a wild ride of ethnic fusion glory. It is a release that has stood the sands of times and for those of you who that love the compact disc as we do, it is pretty essential DK listening. All ordering information of this limited item can be found here.