July 22, 2019

Our new album A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof is getting some great radio airplay, and the reviews are finally starting to pour in!

We've been in the "Top 10 Albums Of The Week" for the past TEN WEEKS, on DJ Gagliardi's radio show Gagliarchives! Currently, we're #5 and on Echoes Radio, we've been in the "Top 25 Album Of The Month" for the past 2 months (May & June)! Echoes is a daily two-hour nationally syndicated show broadcast on 120 radio stations from Maine to Hawaii, and hosted by DJ John Diliberto.

And what are the critics saying?

"What this all amounts to is the band's most acoustic, world-influenced, and overtly melodic album in their discography, and quite possibly their best yet."

"What does it say about a band, and about its members, who refuse to stay located in one place, who reach for broader brushes, who envision and hear strains and melodies and textures from many traditions and from around the globe? The music evolves organically, develops, grows, then subsides. It left me with a lump in my throat, an aura of joy and sadness and celebration and tragedy. Like excellent music will do. My hat is off to you, DJAM KARET."
Progressive Rock Fanatics (USA)

"It is precisely this versatility, this versatility of vision, that has always offered something different, even between different albums. In a nutshell, Djam Karet with this work, have once again shown us their expanded vision and intuitive solutions ... and the whole listening experience is very pleasant."
Ages Of Rock (ITALY)

"For the listener it is a real voyage of discovery that can be taken on many different levels and is a totally fascinating way of listening to the tracks and their deconstructions. Although A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof is a long way from the origins of the band ... one can't but admire how the group has progressed over the years. Talent always shines through."
DPRP/Dutch Progressive Rock Pages (The Netherlands)

"Overall then, A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof is an interesting and enjoyable listen that you will have to spend time both with and on to fully appreciate. That's a good thing too, there are too few bands producing that today."
Spirit.Rocks (UK)

"This album is so atmospheric it makes perfect late evening listening. And as promised, before you begin to tire, the ride is over, the day done, the album finished. A sure sign of a great album is the desire in the listener to play it again once it finishes. Doesn't happen that often, but that's how I feel about this release. It may not be life-changing, but it is life-affirming"
The Progressive Aspect (UK)

May 30, 2019

On June 1st, Gayle Ellett will be talking to our Dutch Fan Club members in The Netherlands, via Skype. This Fan Club was created many years ago (way back in 2001!) by our friend Ben Wiegers, who also organized this event. Featuring a Djam Karet Trivia Quiz, prizes and other goodies, it should be fun for all involved! Many Thanks to our friend Ben Wiegers for making all of this possible. For more information, please visit the Djam Karet Fan Site.

April 19, 2019

Everything has come together for our multi-layered release A Sky Full Of Stars For a Roof. Physical Orders are shipping all over the world, Downloads are happening via Bandcamp and by the end of next week the release should be available via Wayside, The Lasers Edge, & Syn-Phonic Music. Your download codes for the additional 2 layers of music should be physically attached to any CD or sent to you by email for all digital sales. If your child ate your download code, you did not receive a download code, or download codes not working...simply contact us and we will take care of it. Enjoy!

April 7, 2019

Everything seems to be coming together for us to be hitting our Release Date for our 19th album A Sky Full Of Stars For a Roof on Monday 4/15/19. Physical CD's arrived late on Friday and they look and sound great! We are assembling the digital only free albums and generating download codes for those early this week. We are planning on shipping all of your pre-orders (thank you!) by the end of this week before the release date so most all of you should be seeing them near the release date.

If you want to learn more about the creative process in making this release, you can read the artists statement by Chuck Oken, jr here

For all of the information on our New Release A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof and its 2 companion album downloads, you can go here, here or here.

Beyond The Long Twilight
The Crows At Dust Fall At Night

April 2, 2019

The Official Release Date for our new CD is scheduled for April 15th 2019. This album will be released both as a glass-mastered full-color digipack CD, and also as a Digital Download available in all wave formats. This is our 19th album and is our most acoustic and melodic album to date. Featuring all four original band members and numerous guest musicians, A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof is 45 minutes of beautiful vistas and dreamy psychedelic moods.

Thru August 31, 2019 , all purchases of the new album will come with TWO FREE digital only companion albums that represent the 2 layers of music in the recording process of A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof. The First Layer/Release Beyond The Long Twilight showcases the original electronic pieces that were used as the bed of material upon which the Second Layer/Release The Crows of Dust Fall at Night was created. This second release is all of music we composed to put on top of the first release without you hearing the first release. This artistic recording process will be elaborated upon further in an artistic statement by Chuck Oken, jr that will be posted early next week.

All of this is available here and also here.

You can also see a new video that we just made, of the first track from the new album...

March 16, 2019

Please join us tonite for the World Premiere of the new Djam Karet album A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof!

At 10:00PM EST, DJ Tom Gagliardi will air songs from the new Djam Karet album as well as interview Djam Karet's guiding member, Gayle Ellett, on his RCBC radio show. This show can also be heard live, anywhere in the world, on Aural Moon's internet link here and also here.

To listen or to pre-order A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof, please go HERE.

March 15, 2019

Our new CD will go on sale early next month and is due for release in Mid-April.
Pre-Orders FOR a SKY Full Of Stars For a Roof will go On Sale in early April 2019 via djamkaret.com.

When it does, for a limited time, customers will also receive TWO additional Re-Mix albums FREE! These special Re-Mixes of the entire A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof are unique, and will be available only as Digital Downloads.

The first one, Specter Of Twilight, has most of the synthesizers removed from the mix. This creates a greater focus on the remaining acoustic instruments.

The second one, And On The Third Day Arrived The Crow, has the acoustic instruments and bass & drums removed, creating a greater focus on the remaining electronic synths and soundscapes that underlie the music.

There is much reasoning for all of this and some layers of artistic intent that will be outlined soon.